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Investment in Youth

Help keep our scholarship program strong so that young musicians can thrive. To ensure all students can stay with OAYO this year, we're raising $52,000 in scholarships!

"OAYO has changed the way I view my instrument and view others." 

Katherine's story is one of hope, resilience, personal pride and achievement - made possible through OAYO scholarships.

We know that music education teaches diligence and discipline in the pursuit of musicianship, but it also leads to so much more! In addition to practicing and performing music, OAYO students build strong friendships and gain confidence, focus and leadership abilities. 

Still, many OAYO families cannot contribute financially to their child's ensemble music education, or any activity outside of school. Sometimes circumstances change mid-season and students are faced with having to discontinue their lessons. In these cases, OAYO scholarships are crucial. 

Many OAYO students are able to participate only because they receive need-based scholarships, which are made possible by scholarship donations. 

Share the news of your donation and help spread the word about the value of investing in music education!



Covers the average cost for a single musician for a full year!

*Tuition from musicians (not on scholarship) covers only 41% of the cost of the program for one year.


Connects a young musician to private lessons.



Provides a sectional coaching session to musicians.


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